Our Mission?

To improve lives with energy
for our employees, our customers and our community.

What is Stikshen?

In engineering and physics, static friction is the force that keeps stationary objects together; this force is commonly referred to as stiction. Essentially, stiction keeps things from sliding around and the laws of physics state that you need to apply another force in order to make things move - to make things happen. That’s where we come in.

Stikshen is our take on this phenomenon; We are the force that helps overcome your stiction, moving projects and people forward.

The Borromean Rings - Our key to success

Borromean rings are circles that are linked together to form a Brunnian link; If any one of the rings is removed, the link is broken and no connection or link remains between the remaining two circles.

At Stikshen, the Borromean rings represent important elements that ensure a successful project.

Borromean rings are circles that are linked together to form a Brunnian link; If any one of the rings is removed, the link is broken and no connection or link remains between the remaining two circles.

The Stikshen Mission
Employees - Clients - Community

Construction Management
Vision - Strategy - Execution

Electrical Services
Safety - Quality - Efficiency


These Borromean rings represent our commitment to balance and our understanding that we can not alter or sacrifice one aspect of the project without affecting the others. Stikshen is the Brunnian link that keeps the rings together and ensures that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. We are represented by the red dot, at the centre of everything, balancing your project and maintaining the harmony needed for success.


We’re a Little Different

Stikshen began as a desire to do things differently, with principles, procedures and protocols that are designed to create better lives for our trades and staff, better projects for our clients, and bigger, positive impacts on the communities that we live and operate in.

"We share a passion for doing things well and operating at a high level at all times, treating every project like it is our own, every step of the way. From the bottom to the top, we support our team and strive to lead by example in all that we do." - Rich & Sean, Founders of Stikshen

Construction, at its heart, is about people and we understand that our employees, sub-trades and clients have a better experience, product and project when we work together and manage things well. We believe in leadership, positive management and treating our people with the respect that they have earned and deserve, resulting in a happier, more productive team.

As part of our commitment to creating better lives, we work to set the right targets and control stress levels for all involved, ensuring a positive work environment and a better experience for our clients.

Meet: Rich Stewart

In 1992, Rich graduated from BCIT’s Electrical and Industrial Electronics Program and began his working career in Vancouver prior to graduation. Rich is a veteran of the construction industry with more than 20 years experience in a diverse range of fields, including an extensive knowledge of heavy industrial projects, with a focus on mining.

Rich has held senior management roles for a variety of projects, from greenfield construction in oil and gas, to a major expansion of Canada’s premier diamond mine, to the construction of international airports. Through these varied experiences, Rich was able to test and refine his management and leadership skills that ensured safe and efficient construction teams.

Through his skilled trades background, site management roles and experience as an owner’s representative, Rich has developed a unique skillset that brings significant value to Stikshen’s clients and staff.

Meet: Sean Caha

Sean began his electrical apprenticeship when he was just 17 and completed his electrical trades diploma from BCIT in 2006. He began his career in highrise electrical work and, due to his high attention to detail and dedication to his work, he earned a role in Quality Assurance Quality Control (QA/QC) before the project’s completion. Sean’s early mentors encouraged and trained him to take on a leadership role and early in his career he was managing highrise projects.

Having experienced all aspects of electrical highrise construction at an early age, Sean turned his sights to controls and automation within Vancouver’s manufacturing industries. From there, he took on small commercial projects and quickly found himself in service management and customer service.

Throughout his career, Sean has held every role within the electrical field, including journeyman, foreman, and superintendent for several major projects. This vast and varied experience has given Sean a unique outlook on the electrical industry and construction management, mentoring tomorrow's construction leaders and ensuring a high-level of quality and service that exceeds client expectations.

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