Construction Management

No matter your problem, the team at Stikshen has a solution.

Your Project is Our Project

With dozens of projects and years of real-world experience as our guide, Stikshen Management Group offers a complete array of construction and project management services to suit the varied needs of your project. The electrical, instrumentation and controls aspects of your project are always under schedule, cost and quality pressure. Stikshen can assist you in streamlining processes and reducing the complexity of information delivered between contractors, staff, and management. The result is improved timelines, greater efficiency, and a better finished project.

We understand that the electrical aspects of any large and complex project are impacted by the work done on site before the electrical contractor’s arrival. Too often, the time allocated for electrical work is compressed. Frequent issues, including weather delays, material delivery issues, engineering gaps and the activities of other disciplines, cause a reduction in timelines for electrical contractors. These delays result in undue stress on the entire project team as everyone seeks to improve the project timelines and workforce availability needed to bring the project back on schedule. At Stikshen, we know that it is not always possible to eliminate the issues that cause schedule compression, but it is always possible to manage our available resources in a more positive and efficient manner.

Stikshen’s construction management services are adaptable to suit the needs and goals of owners, EPCM firms, general contractors, and trade contractors. No matter your problem, the team at Stikshen has a solution.

Construction Management Services Offered

  • Construction Sequencing Optimization seminars
  • Design review and optimization
  • Scope of work development
  • Bid analysis
  • Schedule creation and maintenance down to Level 5
  • Shop drawing submittals and management of process
  • Request for information - creation and management of process
  • Field work efficiency assessments and improvements
  • Change order management
  • Quality control program creation and implementation
  • Field quality assurance checks
  • Electronic as-built drawings drafting
  • Deficiency list creation and management
  • Commissioning plans
  • Commissioning of processes and equipment
  • O&M manual preparation and review
  • Lessons learned

Partnerships & Training

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, suppliers, staff and industry leaders. As part of our commitment to great work, we obtain necessary certifications and training to ensure the highest quality finished products for our clients and projects that Stikshen can take pride in.



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