Electrical Services

You can rest easy, knowing that our highly skilled and experienced team has your project’s best interests at heart.

Your Electrical Project

When you hire Stikshen for your project’s electrical needs, you can rest easy knowing that our highly skilled and experienced team has your project’s best interests at heart.

The team at Stikshen has been involved in all aspects of the electrical industry, including commercial electrical work, highrise construction, electrical installation and maintenance for industrial projects and residential. We believe that there is no job that’s too big or too small and we treat every project like it's our own, taking pride in our work and delivering the best possible experience for everyone involved.

Electrical Services Offered by Stikshen

  • Residential Installation & Maintenance
  • Commercial Installation & Maintenance
  • Industrial Installation & Maintenance
  • Electrical Demolition
  • Fire Alarm Installation / Repairs / Inspections
  • Emergency Lighting Installation / Repairs / Inspections
  • Data Cabling Installation / Repairs / Testing & Certifying

Specialty Services Offered

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Lutron Shading Solutions (Sivoia QS & Serena)
  • Power Logging Reports / Energy Saving Solutions
  • Thermal Imaging Reports of Electrical Equipment
  • Motor Controls troubleshoot & repair
  • Design Build Services
  • Project Managing
  • Estimating

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Let Stikshen take the guesswork out of your electrical systems and equipment while eliminating downtime. Our Preventative Maintenance Programs are designed to reduce costs and ensure the smooth operation of your project via the following methods:

  • Track all of your equipment
  • Create and update your equipment lists and blueprints
  • Schedule and complete manufacturer suggested preventative maintenance tasks
  • Provide thermal imaging reports and power logging analysis to show you where your issues will happen next
  • Provide accurate costs to upgrade or repair equipment before it breaks

Using these reporting methods and inspections of your property, Stikshen can provide in-depth reports, followed with recommendations and costs to reduce your energy usage and eliminate your down time. Our system will track all maintenance, repairs and costs accumulated for each piece of equipment you own, increasing your understanding of the true operating costs.

Power Logging Reports

The Power Logging reports, combined with your electrical bills, can help us find the source of your energy losses, allowing you to take measures to reduce your electrical operating costs. Want to keep track of your energy usage 24/7? Stikshen can provide cost-effective meters, giving you the ability to dispute energy bills and evidence for power outages and surges that cause equipment damage. These meters also allow Stikshen to watch your building 24/7, providing alerts to our trained staff in the event of power loss and critical equipment failure such as refrigeration, heating pumps, and servers.

Thermal Camera Reports

Our Thermal Camera reports allow us to catch hot spots on motors, electrical panels, electrical piping systems and more, locating potential electrical failure points before they happen. Stikshen’s Thermal Camera Reporting can easily locate overheating in overloaded or malfunctioning circuit breakers, electric motors, undersized conduit or cabling.

Partnerships & Training

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, suppliers, staff and industry leaders. As part of our commitment to great work, we obtain necessary certifications and training to ensure the highest quality finished products for our clients and projects that Stikshen can take pride in.



Leviton Certified Installers

Leviton is a leading manufacturer of electrical systems and cabling, providing everything from switches and receptacles to daylight harvesting controls, networking systems and solutions for charging electric vehicles. Stikshen has been selected as a Network Solutions Certified Contractor with Leviton, based on expertise and professionalism.

As a Leviton Certified Contractor, you can rest assured, knowing that Stikshen has been trained on the latest networking standards and installation practices.

TE Connectivity / AMP Installers

TE Connectivity is a technology leader, designing and manufacturing highly engineered sensors, connectors and electronic components. Their sensors and components can be found in vehicles, factories, appliances, industrial projects, and more.

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